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Our fields of intervention

The Industrial Progress Company, SLPI, offers practical solutions for all activities related to the construction equipment and materials handling systems for industry.

Air Conveyors, industrial and food

We produce several types of conveyors to suit your needs: Removable grasshoppers, ground conveyors, chain conveyors, bucket conveyors, light conveyors in stainless and black steel.

SLPI offers stainless steel conveyors particularly suitable for use in food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries where the conditions of hygiene are paramount. We also provide black steel conveyors to meet industrial fields such as cement, brickworks, ceramics, oil or other needs.


Whatever your industry, we select and we design the handling equipment adapted to your needs. SLPI offers a set of products including lift tables , roller tracks , various conveyor rollers Products: gravity , motorized conical bearing details (stainless steel , galvanized, coated plastic , PVC) , hoists ( water and electric), lift cleats , Z elevators , bucket elevators , loading docks, ramp loading docks and others.

Industrial Vacuum

Our company offers solutions for industrial suction. We have the ability to produce fans (high, medium and low pressure) , cyclones, turbines, bag filters ...

Sludge treatment

Our range of products for the treatment of sludge include concrete plants , crushers , screens, mud mat volumetric dosing compartments and sludge extraction , mixers , hoppers , silos , filters and others.

Stainless steel equipment

We produce cabinets, mixers, carts, tables, trays, stools, cookers, shellers, sinks, trays, gutters, agitators, different sizes and shapes tanks, balloons for warm waters and other.

Hotels, cafes, restaurants Facilities

SLPI offers a range of tables, trolleys, and chairs, coolers and other customized products.

Equipment for slaughterhouses

We produce stakes carts, tray carts mobile and fixed for turkeys, chicken and rabbits, work tables, rotating tabes , firing hooks tanks, Quilting, evisceration troughs , floor drains stainless steel , stainless steel gutters , baskets in perforated stainless steel sheets , trays for blood salvage , carriers , hooks , blood collecting bins, final control tables , boots and mixed shoes range, squeegees (large and small) , footbaths , rolled tanks , pipes and other.

Cheese and mills maintenance Equipment

SLPI offers cookers (single, double, and triple walls), churns, cheese presses, tables, carts, tanks and others.

Cattle feed unit

Everything you need including crushers, vertical mixers, horizontal mixers, cyclones and other.

Painting Equipment

Our range includes mixers, dispersers, kneading putty, blade or paddle mixers, ultra mix, mixing tanks, mobile and fixed storage, vibrating screens, agitators, power washers rotary tables, tanks, brushes, conveyors, filters etc.


SLPI meets your needs in terms of fixed doors, sliding doors and motorized emergency doors.


SLPI has the technical skill to carry out metal construction work having to do with cranes and courtyards with high standards.